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Welcome to Alan Shepherd Enterprises, LLC
My name is Alan Shepherd. I am a master electrician and have been in the industry for 26 years and am now the inventor of the E-Z Puller, a manhole cover lifter. My comany is 31/2 years old and we have incorporated every request to improve the E-Z Puller that our customers have suggested. Pull one (1) pin and the axle assembly breaks down from the handle. THE E-Z PULLER FITS INTO YOUR GANG BOX OR BEHIND THE SEAT OF YOUR TRUCK!  We now utilize carefree tires (no more pneumatic tires). Pull one (1) pin and replace the tbar handle for a 2 (two) person operation, used for larger covers or those that are frozen into their seat. THE E-Z PULLER IS MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A., THAT ALONE MAKES ME PROUD.

Where did my idea to create a manhole cover remover come from? I was a project manager for an electrical contractor working at a national laboratory. My job was to manage the progress of the overall project, and ultimately my duty was to make my employer a profit. This project required a lot of work in manholes, specificallymanhole cover lifting. The conventional procedure to remove a manhole required beating the manhole with a sledgehammer numerous times, attempting to loosen the dirt and grime and asphalt that naturally accumulates over years of traffic. Screwdrivers and crowbars are the typical tools to remove the heavy and cumbersome covers. It is common to pinch and break fingers, and strain backs in the duty of getting the cover out of the work area. 

Time is money, injuries are costly to the employee and employer;the video is a must see. With that in mind I came to invent what is now a patented manhole extractor, the E-Z Puller. The tool worked better than anticipated and I was encouraged to patent the tool. Numerous changes to the extractor have been made to make the best tool that I could possibly produce at a reasonable cost.  To put my name on it, and being a professional craftsman by trade, I demand that it be good.

My motivation is to revolutionize how performing work on manholes is done. The danger that is involved in pulling manholes is typically in roadways and the focus should be on the traffic and the gases that are associated with them, not concentrating on getting a cover off.

Mission Statement:
Revolutionize the industry and distribute the E-Z Pullers to every municipality, government agency and contractor in the United States providing employers a capable time-saving tool that helps reduce injuries.
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