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My company was formed after I patented a manhole cover remover now referred to as the E-Z Puller. This invention was so simple but none of its kind existed on the manhole cover lifter market. The E-Z Puller was an invaluable tool that I made to expedite manhole cover lifting for a project at one of our national laboratories. 

Everyone that witnessed its performance persuaded me to patent my idea. I have now completed patenting and we are ready to manufacture the E-Z Puller. There were several changes to the original prototype; my reason was to cover all manhole covers in the industry and incorporate adapters for handhold covers and storm grates.  Imagine one tool performing all of these functions and at a reasonable cost.  It is my goal to provide the E-Z Puller to everyone that deals with manholes and revolutionize the process. The E-Z Puller will save employers time, which is money, and help eliminate injury in the process of getting these very heavy covers removed. 

We are going to manufacture the E-Z Puller in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am a small business service connected disabled veteran company, registered with Fed Biz Ops. We are also registered with the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico Procurement. 

We are also registered with Bernalillo County, New Mexico which purchased the E-Z Puller on site without showing its performance. I have been working with the Small Business Association and SCORE. I have met with Sandia National Laboratories Small Business Utilization Department and they were astounded at the possibilities the E-Z Puller will provide. I have met with Kirtland Air Force Director of Business Operations recently. They desire to get the E-Z Puller to the appropriate parties at the local base.  

In New Mexico, it is hours between cities and marketing the E-Z Puller state-wide is difficult. This brings us to our new website that will benefit our company in sales and we are prepared to satisfy our customers.
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The E-Z Puller
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