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The E-Z Puller, a manhole cover lifter, will save man hours and reduce injury that is associated with manhole cover lifting. We provide to our customers the best manhole cover remover on the market. The durability and functionality is based on every day use and rugged handling in the field. the video is a must see.

The E-Z Puller was made out of the need to save on man hours—and it does. The only puller in the market that is remotely similar has a 6” wheel and requires a costly magnet. The E-Z Puller has 10” inch all-terrain tires. Manholes are not always in improved road conditions of asphalt and concrete. Some are in dirt and unimproved conditions and the E-Z Puller performs very well in all road and site conditions. Pricing of the E-Z Puller is substantially lower in cost than similar products.

The E-Z Puller sells for $399.99, including adapter for manholes.  Adapters for handholes and street grates are not included in this price, but their cost is nominal. The closest competition sells for $463.75 and their accessory is not included and is an additional $335.00. Depending on the weight capacity of the magnet, expense can be substantially higher. This particular tool is overpriced and contractors that I have worked for will not purchase it, for that reason.

About the E-Z Puller
  • E-Z Puller will pull manhole covers up to 36 inches 
  • 30 inch manhole covers: the E-Z Puller not only pulls them but once removed and out of the seat the E-Z Puller will lift and carry it. This will allow workers to not create a tripping hazard or put the cover back into its original seat. 
  • Handhole enclosure covers up to 18 inches in width with applicable adapter 
  • Storm Grates with applicable adapter
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The E-Z Puller
Storm Grate Attachment**
Handholds Attachment**
** Sold Separately

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